Annually, and in accordance with State assessing guidelines, the assessor and Select Board shall adjust assessments to reflect changes so that all assessments are reasonably proportional within that municipality. All adjusted assessments shall be included in the inventory of that municipality and shall be sworn to in accordance with RSA 75:7.

II. Assessors and Select Board Members shall consider adjusting assessments for any properties that:

  • They know or believe have had a material physical change;
  • Changed in ownership;
  • Have undergone zoning changes;
  • Have undergone changes to exemptions, credits or abatements;
  • Have undergone subdivision, boundary line adjustments, or mergers; or
  • Have undergone other changes affecting value.

If you have a question regarding your assessment please contact Kate Fuller, Town Administrator

Exemptions and credits available to taxpayers: ALL APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY APRIL 15. 

  • Elderly Exemption-Please contact the Town Administrator for the Qualifications Worksheet for this exemption-Income requirements below. 

INCOME LIMITS:     Single $30,000            Married $40,000

ASSET LIMIT:           Single $50,000            Married $50,000

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